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Started in June of 2004, Quadzone formed with a combined effort of ATV enthusiasts and ATV performance companies.  These individuals and companies span the globe, and represent every facet of the ATV lifestyle.  We are racers, fans, recreational riders, manufacturers, aftermarket suppliers, printers, ATV Specialists and Computer Technicians..   
     This website and forums are owned and operated by Quadzone Inc.   Our goal as an organization is to fill the gaps left by current online magazines, forums, and groups.  We do not intend to be in competition with any of these  organizations.  Our intent is to rather work with them, and other organizations to help promote ATV's as a whole.  We also intend to bring to you, the Quadzone member, an unbiased evaluation of current, and evolving products within the ATV industry.  Quadzone also wants to help improve public awareness as it pertains to product quality, and thus help the newcomers to the sport find good companies that offer good products.   
     Quadzone also is committed to bringing you some of the newest products from smaller companies by keeping advertising rates to a bare minimum, thus allowing smaller less established companies access to you as a consumer.

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